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Arms Outstretched members are those who have donated $365—a dollar a day—or more to TACO over the course of a year.

This amount is more significant than many realize. Kathryn Edin and H. Luke Shaefer, the authors of $2.00 A Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America, conclude that over a million American households live on $2 a day or less.

This type of extreme poverty is more widespread than most Americans realize, and San Diego is no exception. Fortunately. through the use of donated food and our dedicated volunteers (at meals, clinics, and elsewhere), TACO has learned out to make a dollar go a long way.

John and Donna Adler

Nancy Aeling

Jean and Jean Alme

Dr. Isaac Bakst and Gloria Bakst

Pastor Bill and Sheri Bengtson

Gail Bennett

Leah and Michael Beske

David & Lois Case

Jean-Claude & Rebecca Chamaa

Umesh Chatrath, M.D.

Susan Connors

Will Cooper

Charles Costa

Jack Dailey

Colleen Doering

Timothy Driscoll

Joanne Driskill

Matthew and Nancy Eckert

Dennis Engel

Paul Engel

Randy Engel

Rev. Gloria Espeseth

Pastor George & Ethel Falk

Chin Gannon

Kevin Gannon

Ronn and Dorothy Garton

James and Ruth Gibbons

Marguerite Grifka

Pastor Jim and Jessica Grumm-Friedrich

James Grutkowski

Gretchen Hallerberg

Steve and Carol Hassett

David and Marilyn Helkenn

Patricia Hendrickson

John Hoff

Mary Ann Horton

Richard Hostin

Karen Jackson-Hays

Geraldine Jenkins

Frank Jessie

Rev. Ted & Marietta Johns

Brenda Johnson

Rosemary Johnston

Carl Josephson

Jim and Louise Julig

Chris Justice

Gene Kallenberg

Kathy Kelly

Dan and Rebecca Kjonegaard

Susan Krause

Richard and Mary Krueger

Charles Leib Jr.

IHO Mickey Lester

Jeffrey Lindsey

Diana Little

Heather Locke

Kristin Makena

Stephen Mather

Stewart McCarver

Sharon McGlocklin-Ruth

Pastor Wilbert and Dagmar Miller

Lynn Montgomery

Steven Moreen

James Morrell

Russell Moroz

Elizabeth Moss

R.J. Nelson

Jan Neuhaus

Laverne and Sandy Neuman

Willian Norcross

Marybeth Norgren

Jeannie Oestreicher

Brian Oltman

Michael and Susan Pestrak

Harvey and Ruthann Peters

Sandra Peters

Charlotte Pettus

Richard Phillips

Ladonna Piper

Rev. Bill and Martha Radatz

Robert & Gretchen Ravenscroft

Sue & Merv Rettenmund

Mark and Laure Reynolds

Peg & Carl Ross

Dobrina Russell

Marie Ruth

Ellen Schmeding
Kathy Schneider

Shelly Schreiber

Frances Sciuto

Floyd and Ruth Sedlund

Sean Sell

Joe & Beth Slevcove

Cathie and Charles Sundry

Joanne & Rick Talazus

Tom Templeton and Mary Erlenborn

Anne Thompson-Welch

Martin Topp

Debbie and Steven Tye

Scott Walls

Yvonne Ward

Pastor Lee Wesley

Kristin Westerman

John Wilbur

Thanks also to the churches and foundations who support us:


Alfreda Matschuck Trust

Alpine Community Church

Beta Theta Pi

California’s Table

Christ Lutheran Church in Pacific Beach

Coronado Community Church

Domanica Foundation

ELCA Domestic Hunger

ELCA Pacifica Synod

First Lutheran Church

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Incarnation Lutheran Church


Navy Federal Credit Union

Paypal Charitable Giving Fund

Sage Creek High School

The San Diego Foundation

Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church

Sherwood Chores Chapel

St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

St. Luke’s Lutheran Chruch—Women of St.


St. Peter’s by the Sea Lutheran

St. Timothy Lutheran Church

Talazus Trust

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Thrivent Financial

Tierrasanta Lutheran Church

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