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Bike the Bay... The TACO Way

August 22, 2020 - San Diego

Pedaling TACO's 25th Anniversary

If you want to sponsor rather than ride, you can visit individual riders' donation pages or click here to be taken to our donation page. If you want your donation credited to a particular rider or anything else, be sure to mention it in the "comments" section!

Step One: Register Now

I am registering as:


Name of church/organization:

First Name

Last Name







“TACO is asking for a $10 donation per rider to help defer cost of the event. You may either send a check made out to “TACO” to 1420 Third Ave., San Diego, CA 92101, - OR - click this “Donate Now” button to pay online and add a memo “Bike the Bay Registration”.

Thanks for submitting!


After completing and submitting the REGISTRATION above, one of the TEAM TACO leaders will be in touch with you to welcome you and provide further instructions. Our hope is that each rider will set a goal of at least $1,000 (why not $2,500 for TACO’s 25th Anniversary) and invite the people you know to sponsor you with whatever amount they are comfortable. If you belong to a church or organization, ask if that organization might sponsor you and therefore help you find sponsors from among its members.

We hope to raise at least $25,000 from this event. 


Set up your personal CROWD FUNDING page. To do this:

  1. Go online to

  2. On their home page, click on the button that says “Start a GoFundMe”

  3. Fill in the “Sign Up” page with your name and email and a password you choose. The email is important because they will be sending notices to you of any donations made in your name.

  4. On the NEXT page, Enter a Goal. We are suggesting $1,000, or if your ambitious $2,500 for the 25th Anniversary. In Campaign Title enter “Bike the Bay…the TACO Way”. Choose “Non-Profit” in the drop down box for “Raising for”. Click the drop down arrow to find the organization name. Begin typing “Third Avenue Charitable Organization” and it should pop up. Chose the “As A Team” checkbox. For Team Name type TEAM TACO. For the drop down category box, choose “Volunteer & Service”If you want to upload a photo, you may either upload a photo of you, or if you wish to use the event logo for TACO, a team leader can send you that by email.

  5. The NEXT page asks you to “Tell Your Story”. There is default customized text there that you can choose to use, or you can change or add anything that you feel would encourage folks to support you. We encourage you to add “For more information about TACO, visit the website at:

  6. Clicking the “Launch” button at the bottom of the page actually launches your GoFundMe page that people can visit.

  7. You’re now officially a TEAM TACO Member.



GoFundMe will then present to you a place where you can enter email addresses to send this link for people to visit your GoFundMe page. You can also copy this web address and paste it into any emails or communication tools. You can also add this to your FaceBook or Twitter pages. We encourage you to go through your contact list and send to family, friends, church groups, social groups and anyone else on your list. GoFundMe will also send you an occasional reminder to be working on getting sponsors.



GoFundMe will send you an email any time someone donates to you. That email will contain a button saying “Send Thank You”, which will bring up an email form all ready to send. You can customize this. We encourage you to send a thank you note immediately, even if it is short. TACO will eventually also be sending a thank you note, but it is most meaningful if people get a quick response from you – it assures them that the donation went through.



You’ll probably need to plan some “practice rides” to get yourself in shape for the 25-mile ride. We plan to schedule a few that anyone can join into. Once TACO has  you registered for the event, we will be in touch with updates and details about the day of the event.

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