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Our Latest Catch: Fish to Families

TACO is participating in a 13 week pilot project, Fish to Families, designed to double our hot meal distribution by providing additional Tuesday and Thursday meals. Through the leadership of our own TACO chef, Cindy Quinonez, twice a week, 300 meals prepared by local chefs and packaged by TACO volunteers, are distributed at no cost to our clients and other San Diegans in need.


Our local guests are served, as well as people in surrounding food insecure communities, like the residents in The Tower adjacent to First Lutheran, which provides housing to low income seniors.


Sponsored by a grant from The San Diego Foundation, fishermen of the San Diego Fishermen’s Working Group, our local commercial fishing industry association, supplies fresh protein rich catch to be prepared by professional chefs at Craft Meals SD. Food is then delivered to TACO by I Love to Glean, an organization that collects and distributes food to families in need throughout San Diego. The meal to-go boxes and delivery costs are covered for TACO by a generous grant from the San Diego Food Bank.

The benefits of this partnership multiply beyond just feeding those who need healthy nourishment. The fishing fleet keeps working with an expanded market Our Latest Catch: Fish to Families for their catch; San Diego chefs continue preparing delicious protein rich to-go meals; delivery drivers remain employed by delivering those meals to families in need. Every link in the chain contributes to keeping our friends and neighbors not only fed but employed.

Private money funds the work of local craftsmen to supply San Diego’s nutritious bounty of sea and land, empowering them to address our region’s growing food insecurity. With the help of TACO and others, this is a win-win-win for our community in our time of greatest need.


With the support of our faithful volunteers, and at minimal cost, we are able to partner with these agencies to double meals distribution to food insecure individuals and families in our local area. Working with these collaborative partners allows us, now more than ever, to maximize resources and expand services to the growing number of San Diegans in need of health-building meals.

Colorful collage of people distributing and receiving meals from TACO
2 people in masks and gloves standing near a table with boxes filled with food for meal service
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