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Going Home Services is steadily changing as a result of COVID-19. Under normal circumstances I usually see my clients face to face. I support them by going to medical appointments, assisting with helping them fill medications, and various other ways as the need arises. As a result of COVID-19 I am calling my clients by phone and talking with them about unmet needs I can help facilitate on their behalf to make life a little bit easier.

I have one client who is unable to pick up his mail as a result of his terminal illness and his high susceptibility to the virus. We’ve come up with a plan that I will mail him his mail every two weeks.  Another client who is terminally ill diagnosed with cancer attends several medical appointments throughout the week. The client lives in an area with limited bus access and his transportation is limited. I helped him navigate different resources and we found a place that will transport him to medical appointments for $10.00 a day.

We continue to communicate with prospective Simon’s Walk volunteers and even though we are not able to meet in person they still want to help in some kind of way. We are very grateful to a special volunteer who recently dropped off a donation of latex gloves and alcohol wipes.

Kim Walker, Going Home End-of-Life Services Coordinator

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