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Seeking Shelter

by Brad Young

A woman huddled in old boxes from the trash, a couple with a makeshift shelter of ripped tarps and a dirty blanket in a small alcove, and a person simply sitting on the sidewalk in the rain crying… 
Every day Downtown, scenes like this unfold in front of me (and many others). People desperately seeking shelter anywhere that provides a semblance of protection (restaurant patios, doorways, garages). The lucky ones have a tarp, others are simply left to the elements (often without even a jacket).   
At TACO we have made it a priority to give out jackets this year, and want to thank everyone for their donations. In addition, we also provide blankets, tarps, ponchos, and of course hot meals. Yes, this is somewhat of a bandage, but with the lack of affordable housing, and nothing on the horizon, our “bandage” provides an important service. I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen people Downtown sleeping with a blanket or jacket given to them by TACO. Yes, people sleeping on sidewalks is unfortunate, but it makes me feel good that we can help in some way. During times of inclem
ent weather, the help we provide takes on an even greater importance. 
If you are so inclined, TACO could still use donations of jackets, tarps, and blankets as winter will be with us for a while. To those who have donated, please know we truly appreciate you, and hope to see you soon.

Many brown boxes and white boxes filled with donations of items for TACO

In the last few months, TACO has been the recipient of some incredible generosity from all those who support us. Donations of jackets, socks, shoes, hygiene items, blankets, and more have come from many different sources. 
This means that we’ve been able to give out clothes, socks, and hygiene items at all of our meals, and more to those who come knocking at our door upstairs at First Lutheran during the week. 
A cold and rainy winter season has seen a high need for these items among the homeless, and we’ve been fortunate to have them on hand to give out. Thank you!

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