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About Us

Our Organization

"Third Avenue Charitable Organization (TACO) is a community drawn together to support the dignity, health and well-being of people among us experiencing homelessness and poverty."  - TACO's Mission Statement

TACO serves everyone, regardless of race, gender, faith, age, or sexual orientation. A large number of those served are without permanent homes or are living on the streets. Many others are of retirement age, living in the surrounding senior citizen residential towers on low fixed incomes. Still others are physically disabled living on relatively little income from sources such as state disability and Federal SSI.

Third Avenue Charitable Organization,  provides a safe and welcoming place where for any and all who come. In operation every week of the year, it welcomes all people in need for free meals, use of mailing address, cell phone charging and services provided by a social worker. Medical and dental services are provided, to those who qualify, provided by UCSD Student-Run Medical Clinic.

TACO’s current programs, are made possible by the support of grants, indiviual donations and volunteers.

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