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Going Home

Going Home End-of-Life Services


Each year in San Diego County, approximately 100 people die alone and without a place to call home. Going Home was created in 2005 to fill the gap for people who may not qualify or have access to a hospice, yet who need intensive care and services. Going Home provides End-of-Life care with men and women who are dying on the streets from a terminal illness. Services have been expanded to include those who have a chronic, catastrophic illness that without access to care could easily become terminal. The name “Going Home” references our journey to our eternal home, specifically for those in their final days.


The overarching goal is to provide services which surround and care for the dying individual, their family, and their community in a manner which creates a place of healing of mind, body, and spirit. We allow the client to set the agenda; they are restored dignity and given mercy through self-determination and patient-driven services. Our team of social workers and trained volunteers provide these services.


To honor and respect the lives of our clients, if family is unavailable or unable, we may provide assistance with memorial and burial needs. First Lutheran Church has graciously officiated and hosted memorials either in the sanctuary or in the patio, according to the client’s wishes. These memorial services have been an avenue of love and care to the homeless community; giving honor to the loved one, while providing a time for the community to grieve and pay their respects.


Simon's Walk


Simon’s Walk is the volunteer component of the Going Home team. The name “Simon’s Walk” comes from Simon of Cyrene, who walks with Jesus in the final hours of his life, helping to carry the burden of the cross. As much as finding a model of service in Simon, this story also leads us to see Jesus in the face of the homeless men and women we intend to serve.

Volunteers are trained, mentored and supervised. They donate their time to provide one-on-one care and support. Perhaps their most valuable gift is to be present with a client in their time of illness/grief/pain, providing companionship without judgment or advice, and to listen with the goal of allowing the client to be heard. They may accompany clients to medical appointments, check in at least weekly, and may assist with the memorial service for the client.

How you may be part of Going Home


  • Become a Simon volunteer: email us at Volunteers will be interviewed and provided training, mentoring, and supervision. We require a commitment of at least 2 years.

  • Donate: many of our clients need extra assistance with transportation to access medical care and also with shelter after hospitalizations or surgery/procedures. Often times special needs such as medical supplies, household needs, or nutritional supplements arise that may not be covered by insurances.

  • Support us with your prayers and voice of advocacy for the people we serve.

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